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Roundabout playground – why roundabout is obligatory on the playground?

Childhood is a magical time in our life – we play all day every day and during this process, we gain crucial life skills. It is so much fun to playing with friends and spending time outside to discover the world.  If you ask any child on a daily basis if he/she would like to play outside – the most possible answer will be – YES!

You can run around and play with your friends; you can even have more fun during play on a roundabout to make it spin it around by yourself.

Important is to choose the correct model into the playground and then even children from elementary school or kindergarten could use it without any worries.

Safe roundabout playground with a guarantee of safe play on the playground

Roundabouts should have obligatory certificate according to the standard norm, be colorful, durable and simple to use. Playground roundabout is next to slide and swing the most popular device which we can see on the playground area. Children love to play on it. It’s a good way to be active and spend more time outside. Inter-Play is focused on building a foundation for positive growth! That’s why provide a safe and friendly environment where children could play and have fun using our devices. Roundabouts in our offer come in two material options: powder painted galvanized steel and stainless steel. You could choose if you would like to have seats or not.

For model – Turnado, Tornado, Mistral 3 and Mistral 4 – roundabouts have mounted ring and when you spin it then you put the device in the move. For model – Globo, Rando, Platformo, Hurricane, Cyclamen, Cirocco 3, Cirocco 4 – we use a simple way to put it into the move. One person should use the leg to start spinning the system. We use black HPL material for the platform to stainless steel roundabout.

For galvanized steel roundabout we use red tread covered by anti-slip PE plate. Both material guarantee safety during use. Moreover, both platforms are not heating during sunny days and are not freezing during the winter. Recently we also designed a new model in the stainless steel version. Pokalo roundabout doesn’t have seats just one round bar around the platform and in the middle has one circle which begin to move the device. Playground equipment should be colorful but more important that they will be safe during use. Our devices have required certificates according to norm 1176. Devices are durable for any weather condition that’s why they can be used for many years. Each playground roundabout which is in the offer guarantee safe use and provides a lot of fun.

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